Thank you for your interest in becoming a Conical Tool Company distributor. Your customers of all sizes will love the benefits of our product lines, programs and resources and you’ll love the added revenue and business opportunities. Becoming a distributor or re-seller of Conical Tool Company has numerous competitive advantages. One of the most important and intangible advantages is the Conical Tool Company name and brand, which stands for integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation. Selling the leading tapered end mills can open the door to increased sales – not to mention new and enduring business relationships.

Now is the perfect time to partner as a Conical Tool Distributor. Our philosophy has always been a strong focus on our customers and each new product introduction is driven by our customer’s needs. Our goal is to develop long term relationships with individuals and/or companies that share our dedicated commitment to the customer. The information below should be helpful as you determine whether this opportunity is right for you. Please note that the instructions on how to be considered for a distributorship are at the bottom of the page. If you would like more information on becoming a distributor, please email us at or call 888.531.8500 or 616.531.5800.

Conical selects our authorized distributors and manufacturing representatives on the basis of securing adequate market coverage for Conical Tool Company products, along with satisfactory opportunity for Distributor volume, turnover, and profit in every key market area in the United States. To achieve Conical’s customer service goals, it is necessary for the Authorized Distributor to recognize and accept that Conical will determine the number of distributorships in any given area and may increase or decrease Authorized Distributors based on market demand and coverage. In order to insure customers prompt service and delivery, Conical supports programs for direct customer same day drop shipping and local stocking.  The amount of inventory required for local stocking would be contingent upon the location and size of the market serviced by the distributorship.

Responsibilities of a Conical Tool Distributor:

A distributor of Conical Tool Company’s products is responsible, first and foremost, for serving the manufacturing customers in his or her area. Of course, this includes visiting plants on a regular basis and marketing Conical products. However, Conical distributors are also responsible for the following:

• Leading a local team of sales representatives and resources to meet the needs of their customers

• Managing the finances of their businesses properly

• Holding educational workshops and events (as warranted) in their markets

• Marketing their businesses locally

• Communicating market conditions to Conical so the customer’s needs can be met more effectively

If qualified and interested, follow these next steps:

1. Please contact us and request our Credit Application

2. Fill out all relevant information regarding credit requested and potential sales revenues

3. All candidates who submit a request will be contacted and alerted of their status within 48 hours.