In today’s metalworking world, if you are using cutting tools you most likely will need abrasives to finish your workpiece.

Industry leaders Conical Tool & Elite Abrasives have partnered and come up with a comprehensive program that will allow you to acquire all your metalworking supplies in one place, thus saving time and money. These top tier manufacturers have the quality, expertise, experience and support that brings a wealth of value to you and your company. We realize every company’s needs are different, and we work with you to identify your unique requirements and deliver optimized solutions that will help you achieve your business objectives.

Our team of experts will work with you to methodically analyze your monthly needs and offer you a personalized program to systematically replenish stock at chosen intervals throughout the year. This will guarantee your production team will not have downtime due to not having the proper stock of tools and supplies.

The purpose of this program is to deliver optimized solutions, ease workloads, alleviate stressful purchasing decisions, minimize shipping costs, eliminate potential mistakes, and provide support. These are all factors that will unquestionably save you time & money. Having a reliable partner to take care of this operational aspect of your business is a value in itself. We are not just looking for someone to purchase our products, we are searching for long-term partners and relationships that will last decades to come.

When you partner with us, you ensure that the final product will turn out flawless, every time. Call us today at 616.531.8500 or 888.531.8500 to get started with your customized program. Work smarter, not harder!


Nearly 7,000 distributors worldwide and hundreds of thousands of end users can’t be wrong.

The manufacturing and materials industry is changing at an unprecedented pace and simply saying we supply tools to the metalworking industry would leave out a large portion of our customer base. Our tools have been used in every application imaginable, from sculptural ice carving to precision manufacturing of custom nuclear reactor parts. A few of the industries we serve are:

Hard Milling


Tool & Die



Dept. of Defense

Casting & Foundries

General Machining



Furniture / Wood